Contribute Meow

Remember when you were in college and you got sofa king baked and watched Super Troopers, like, nine times in a row? Know how you still say "The snozberries tastes like snozberries?" or "It smells like sex in here" when you walk into a room where two of your friends are or, and this one's my personal favorite, "Glamour pet." 

It's time to give back. The Broken Lizard guys have started an Indiegogo campaign to fund the long anticipated, begged for, pleaded for, masturbated-for-truckers for sequel to the original Super Troopers, titled Super Troopers 2: Super Dooper Troopers*. 

At the time of this writing, they have already raised nearly $700,000, which sounds like a lot, but it's not even half (or a tenth) of what they'll need to put together the kind of sequel befitting of the original. 

So, go donate, even if it's just five dollars, but in the words of Lisa McDowell, heiress to the McDowell's burger empire of Queens, NYC (and I bet there are a couple in Zamunda now), "We're happy to get the kind of money that jingles, but we'd rather get the kind that folds." 

Let me close with this. Outside of Todd Phillips and Judd Apatow (who has kinda sucked hard recently), there are so few funny people left making movies. So, watch this below and tell me you don't wanna donate (and then watch me break vous fuckin' lip). 

Sounds like a rom-com. Classic. 

*Nah, I made that part up