The Undefeatables

Has anybody used that yet or did I just coin it? 

The Sporting News

The Sporting News

Twenty-nine games into the 2014-2015 college basketball season, every team in America has lost at least once. Except Kentucky, who's like nah. Additionally, only a handful of these games have even been close, and they, I believe, can be attributed mostly to human nature. When you've beaten Kansas by 30, North Carolina by 20, held UCLA to 7(!) points in a half and have gone on the road to beat your rival comfortably, how do you get up for Vandy at home? How do you get on a plane bound for College Station, in January, and say to yourself: I give a shit about this. Because I mean they're not robots, I don't think but can't be sure because OMG how do you just always win no matter who you're playing and look even better in the tougher games OK they might be robots. 


There are some really good college basketball teams this year, all of whom could, on a given night, beat Kentucky. Theoretically. But if you just use your ojos and watch those teams and then watch Kentucky it's like nuh uh. While those teams are really good, they are incapable of reaching the heights Kentucky has already reached, and they'll be hapless against a Kentucky team which will, I believe, be peaking the next five weeks on its march toward destiny.

It's scary, right, to think Kentucky is still ascending? But now close your ojos and listen to your gut. Doesn't this just feel so feely? Don't you just kinda get a sense of this type of scenario playing out: 

Because I do. And I have ever since swallowing the red pill the day Cal came to Kentucky. This is the team he envisioned. This is the team we've waited for. This team is the One, and when they're seeing the Matrix, no amount of bullets or Lord Elronds or nasally-voiced Poles in the world will be enough to stop them. As has always been the case with Chosen Ones (i.e. Skywalker, Anakin; Skywalker, Luke; Sky Walker, Kenny; Christ, Jesus), blocks had to fall into precisely the right places, allowing the destined to begin a true path toward destiny. If one block had fallen astray: if Wall hadn't come, if Knight hadn't dragged us to a Final Four, if Nerlens hadn't gotten hurt, if Robert Morris hadn't won, if the Twins and Willie (and Alex) hadn't come so close last year, the tale of the Undefeatables might have never been told. 

Yet here we are. Twenty-nine have swung, twenty-nine have fallen. There are eleven games between us and a history that no school, no team, no state could appreciate more than ours. There are eleven games left to decide if we will look back on this team and call them The Undefeatables.