Alleged Report: Drew Barker, Dorian Baker, Tymere Dubose in Bar Fight at EKU

According to this site, East Ky Media, which I've never heard of, a brawl broke out between three members of the UK football team--Barker, Baker and Dubose--and one member of the EKU football team--Colton Scurry, pictured below, allegedly. After the alleged incident in an alleged bar. Maybe. 

In the Twitter age, wherein Rick Pitino can't even do hand stuff in a restaurant without everyone knowing about it, how is the only outlet covering this more obscure than the Kafka reference in Spaceballs? 

I digress. The story here is obviously Drew Barker. To what extent he was involved is almost secondary. The future face of the Kentucky football program has now, before having played in a game, found himself at the center of another brewing shitstorm, his second. That's two shitstorms, zero games. This will go one of two ways. The first way is that it may come out that his involvement was virtually nill (there are message board rumors which suggest his involvement extended beyond the bar to an EKU dorm, at which point an EKU offensive linemen "knocked him out"). If that's the case, and Drew Barker was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he had little to do with the bar melee, guess what: it still doesn't exonerate him. I get that college kids go to bars, but--and I've said this before--college football players are not afforded the luxury of being regular college students. But, if his involvement is limited to his getting punched while sticking up for his friends (total speculation) it could extenuate the circumstances just enough to keep him on the roster (although, firmly, I would assume, in the doghouse). The second way this could play out is that Drew Barker may have been at the center of all this jackassery (again), in which case, he should be kicked off the football team--permanently. That's it, cancel Christmas, kitchen's closed. Not just from a moral standpoint (but certainly, yeah, that), but because this guy is either leading his teammates into trouble or, worse, from an on-field standpoint, he's a follower.

Obviously, I have zero idea what happened (the perk of being a non-journalist). But considering this is the second time in five months that Barker's name has been connected to a story in which he looks like, at best a meathead, and at worst a meathead with little regard for others, I'm having a hard time believing that these two incidents are isolated instances of poor judgment. 

As for the others, Baker and Dubose, same deal. I'm too lazy to go back and look it up, but I know Baker was involved in the air rifle kerfuffle on campus in September, and I could almost swear that Dubose was, too. 

On the other hand.

The same message board rumors I linked above suggest that this Colton Scurry human has had issues with UK players before, "namely Nerlens Noel." That's from a guy/gal named Roman Empire, and that's, if nothing else, quite a screen name. IF that's the case, then all bets are off because if you got a problem with Nerlens then you're probably an asshole. You're definitely probably an alleged asshole. And IF this guy (possible alleged asshole) went popping off and Barker, Baker, Dubose found themselves in a situation where they felt threatened, then I say swing the fuck away because (sofa king NSFW):

Time will tell on this one, but I'll be honest. It doesn't look good, and if you take anything away from this post, I hope it's this: I have no--zero--desire to win football games if it means covering up for troublemakers. I know, I know. I'm naive. I don't care. Do it the right way, that's all. Do it the right way.