College Football Week 4: What We Learned. And Whatnot

As summer takes its final bow and autumn's first chill stings the air, I feel comfortable assigning more importance to these college football results--and I'm not the only one. Take a look at what is going on in Ann Arbor. 

As you may have read here, I've already outlined why Michigan coach Brady Hoke's firing is a foregone conclusion. I also outlined why Michigan AD Dave Brandon, former Domino's CEO who has treated Michigan Football, non-profit endeavor (ha), like Michigan Football, Inc., must be the first to go. With the embarrassing photo shown above, his departure is now just as, if not more, imminent than Hoke's. Don't believe me? Check out his Twitter mentions. Yeah. When you piss off that many people without killing someone, you're sunk, bruh. Giving away Michigan football tickets is like giving away Kentucky basketball tickets. You can try it, but wouldn't you rather not be a tone-deaf incompetent with the job security of a Mall Santa in January? 

I'll be doing a post later this week or next discussing all the potential coaching openings, but for now, it looks like the Michigan job is but a formality away from being vacant, and along with the leaves changing, this is the first sure sign we've entered the second act of the college football season.

Now, let's take a look at the other narratives with which Father Football provided us this weekend.


Clemson Clemsoned Saturday night in Tallahassee. Unfortunately, that means Clemson, a program perpetually on the cusp of becoming a perennial power, pissed away another big game, and this time they did it against a woeful Sean Maguire-led Florida State offense. The game itself was on TV, but that's all I know about it because I can't stand Kirk Herbstreit's in-game commentary (yeah, controversial POWER STANCE). The silver lining is that Jameis Winston won't win the Heisman--not because Florida State won without him (and there are some who make the argument that FSU's struggles only bolster his candidacy), but because the voters have an out now. He got suspended for a game when Player B didn't. Plus, the only two people to ever win two Heismans will not be Archie Griffin and Jameis Winston. There's your hot take for the ACC. 

Big 12

Oklahoma won, which I told you they would. The rest of the conference was off. Moving on. 

PAC 12

This is where it gets a little interesting. Oregon got really lucky against Mike Leach's hereto for fangless Washington State Drew Bledsoes. Now, there are two ways of looking at this. First, one could posit that this is two weeks in a row Oregon has looked a little too much like Oregon tends to look once the weather starts turning cold. To those people I would say they still beat Wyoming 48-14, and they're in a position where they're going to take the best shots the PAC-12 has to offer, which, yeah, is sort of like saying your eight-year-old-nephew beat you in Madden '15 because he "really brought his A game," but you get it. Second, one could posit that Washington State, which runs a spread and shred offense, is uniquely qualified to hang with Oregon because tempo and playing in space doesn't scare them. To those people I would say "Meh." 

The bottom line is this: history suggests Oregon is fool's gold, but I contend that the Michigan State game wasn't an aberration, and the only foolish thing one could do is to count Oregon out. Ya know, before mid-October.


Last week I said if Utah beat Michigan, a few more villagers would take up their pitchforks, but nah. Power K has obtained exclusive video of the scene outside the Big House once the biblical deluge passed. Also, the rain. 


This is how terrible the B1G is. In week 4, the only thing worth talking about is a coaching change. Next. 


Did I call that Mississippi State-LSU game or did I not? Right. I did not. But. I did say Mississippi State is a very good football team, and going into Death Valley at night and winning is not a small thing, so I'm clutching onto that declaration as proof that I do still know something about college football. Anyway, the Bulldogs are for real, you guys. The thing that sucks for them is that not only does it look like Alabama found a QB in the Swamp, Auburn also looks scary. When you hear people on sports radio talk about how good the SEC West is, they're not just pandering. LSU, which is LSU, is the fourth best team in it. Watch this storyline develop as the season goes on: in the first year of the college playoff, should there be two SEC West teams in it? What will be the rationale for keeping out one-loss Alabama or one-loss Auburn or one-loss Mississippi State or, yes, one-loss LSU--especially if the team they lost to is the SEC West representative in Atlanta--who then wins the SEC outright? Follow that? Put more simply, the college football Final Four Playoff has a possible major headache looming--and I didn't even include Ole Miss (because I don't believe in them...yet). 

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