Power Klick Week 2: Jojo Kemp

Patrick Towles, insofar as any one did click last week, totally came through making me one for one on my Power Klicks. His numbers weren't great, but he did lead the team in rushing attempts (22), and he did keep a scoring drive alive with his legs. In a game as boring as this one, that's enough to count as a click, especially since I'm the final click arbiter.

Remember, by my own rules, I can only Power Klick a player once per season, so Patrick Towles is ineligible this week--not that it matters because this week's Power Klick is sofa king obvious. 

A couple of my (high school) teammates actually went to Florida, so I'm familiar with a lot of those guys. It's going to be fun walking out of there with a victory and rubbing it in their faces. 

That was Jojo Kemp talking to Kyle Tucker at the Courier-Journal. Another way of saying that is Kyle Tucker was present when Jojo Kemp was being awesome. 

If you read my posts below, you know that Mark Stoops and I have differing opinions on Jojo Kemp's soundbite, which is understandable. Stoops thinks Kentucky is going to beat this team, and Kemp's words are a distraction, whereas I think Kentucky is going to beat this team and Kemp's words are the reason--not the sole reason, but it's something to point to. This team isn't afraid of Florida, and that, to me as someone who has never seen Kentucky beat Florida, is worth its weight in Will Muschamp's flop sweat + Tim Tebow's tears + Urban Meyer's lies: 

Kemp has been good not great through the first two games, and with Braylon Heard presumably back, Kemp will have a chance to come in and change the pace, which is when Kemp is at his most dangerous. 

POWER PREDICTION: Jojo Kemp will score two touchdowns of over 30 yards on his way to gaining 150 yards from scrimmage. 

Klick away, Jojo. 

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