Commonwealth Stadium Sucks

The people at Saturday Down South seem hellbent on pissing me off this week. After picking us to finish last in the SEC they go ahead and rub salt in the wound by calling Commonwealth Stadium the worst place to watch a game in the whole of the SEC. They're right, but I mean. 

Nice Power K

Nice Power K

Look, Commonwealth is, in fact, lacking in all the things that make a college football stadium great. It's not historic, it's not particularly full of great sight lines, it's an eyesore, the bleachers remind me of the ones I sat on at St. I's during my dad's beer league softball games and it smells like sadness. But. It's our sad, non-historic eyesore. Plus, we're renovating it, so I mean just. Okay, Saturday Down South. We're renovating it. 

Also, SDS, Commonwealth Stadium may not technically be on campus (I don't know), but I mean it's seriously right there on campus. It's a stone's throw from Kirwan and Blanding Towers, Hagan Stadium and the soccer and softball fields. Still, as much as I want to be mad at SDS for double tapping us here, the truth is that this, raising our profile within the conference and nationally, is on us, the University of Kentucky, to change the way people view us by giving them something different to look at (quite literally in this case). Despite what Louisville fans think, there's no shortcut to history. You don't acquire it because you want it. You want it, so you achieve it. 

Mark Stoops understands all this, and given time, I'm confident we'll start moving our way up these SEC lists. Our fan base is too passionate, too proud to accept anything different. We--actually, you--are the most powerful fan base in collegiate athletics. Yahoo bought Rivals because of you. So, here's how I see it. The basketball program has done its part. It's given us our pride, our passion. Now, it's up to us to drag the football program along with us until Stoops has the time and pieces he needs to realize his vision. 

As for the rest of the list, it does have some fallacies. For instance, the Swamp is ranked tenth behind Mississippi State and Missouri. Look, guys. Can we just stop pretending that a) Starkville isn't the inspiration for Dante's Inferno, and b) that Missouri has any single defining characteristic?

South Carolina somehow ranked fourth despite not being on campus in Columbia, which I was led to believe was a major component of the ranking, and Alabama finished second by default despite not being nearly as cool of a place to watch a game as Georgia or Ole Miss (the Grove has to count for something, right?). 

LSU came in first if you're wondering, and I don't think anyone has any quarrel with that. A night game in Death Valley is simply the best venue in all of college football. See the whole list here and tell them why they're wrong: SEC Football Stadiums