Saturday Down South Anoints Kentucky Thirteenth Runner-Up

Saturday Down South has released its preseason Power Rankings (just, Power is mine, okay, SDS?), and they picked Kentucky to finish the season. The regular season. Actually, they never explicitly said that. They kind of just glossed right over us now that I think about it. Hang on.

Four teams — Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee and Vanderbilt — will all be fighting for bowl eligibility. Everyone projects Kentucky and Arkansas to miss on a bowl game, while there’s some debate as to either Tennessee or Vanderbilt recording six wins to obtain bowl eligibility. The bigger debate between Kentucky and Arkansas is which of the two head coaches will actually win their first SEC game. Tennessee has a much tougher schedule than Vanderbilt, and the Commodores have won back-to-back games against the Vols. Which of the four would you say could surprise everyone?

Jesus, they didn't even preview us. They just lumped us in with a group that includes f#cking Vanderbilt because you know what Vanderbilt had James Franklin, and they were kind of really good the last couple years. Arkansas replaced John L. Smith, who replaced some adulterer, with the portly guy from Wisconsin with a hot wife. I guess it could be worse. We could be Tennessee. 

Anyway, the biggest surprise is their projection of Texas A&M to finish 10th and Auburn to finish second. Look, I know Auburn made it to the title game last year, but it was at the very least a circuitous path they took. Read the rest of the list at the link above, and be jealous of Bret Bielema while I begin working on my own SEC POWER Rankings for tomorrow. Sleep well.