Bobby Petrino: Still a D!ck

You can never go home again, which is why I fully supported Tom Jurich's rehiring of Bobby Petrino at Louisville. Men of a certain age don't change, neither by nature nor inclination. Change, malleability, that's a young man's game, and even then it's an arduous, dedicated process. So when I read this SI article about Bobby Petrino still being an arrogant prick, I was like: Yep. 

Dude got worked. Credit: NY Times

Dude got worked. Credit: NY Times

An excerpt: 

“He’s a mean guy,” said Jamaine Brooks, a former Louisville defensive tackle who left this past spring. “He cusses you out. You’re never doing enough. He’s still Bobby Mother------- Petrino.”

The article also goes on to detail how frosty the relationship between Petrino and newly minted Louisville defensive coordinator Todd Grantham has already become. This is Sports Illustrated reporting this, not Kentucky Sports Radio or Power K (yeah, I have no problem including myself in this lofty company).

Give it a read and share a chuckle at Little Brother's expense.