Akili's Heels: The Hope of Andy

"I thought he was gonna do one of these."

"I thought he was gonna do one of these."

This is Our Year (again!)

 Ahh, the smell of the Pacific. The hot, dry, completely humid-less air can only mean one thing…..

Oh that’s right I live in Southern California (sorry rest of America!), but somewhere in Cincinnati it is hot, muggy, oppressively humid, probably raining and the Cincinnati Bengals have opened training camp outdoors.  I can’t feel or smell it from here — but I’m sure it’s lovely.  

 As luck would have it I only live about 20 minutes from where the Dallas Cowboys hold training camp.  The previous sentence means nothing, because F every other team in the NFL.  When you’re in my house, it's Bengal country.  

As I was thinking about what to write about the opening of Training Camp….there are plenty of story lines for the pundits (Dalton’s contract? Dalton’s contract?  Dalton’s contract?).   There has never been a more anti-climactic contract wait in history.  He will be signed, before the Season starts.  Let’s move on.  

Do I talk about Vontaze? Our new young RB dynamic duo?  Will either of our 1st round DBs make an impact this year?  

While thinking about this something dawned on me, something I was familiar with but didn’t know why.  

You see, somewhere along the line growing up in Louisville, KY, while I wanted to do everything else my older brother did, including blasting these gangsta rap masterworks at around the age of 8

at some point I came to the realization that even though his musical taste was impeccable, something about his other tastes seemed a little crooked, and one day it dawned on me, this thing that I knew in my heart but he refused to accept: Louisville sucks.  

And thus began a childhood full of amazing basketball experiences because I made the right choice in life and went all blue, all the time.  As a short, Caucasian, aspiring basketball player myself, my heroes were Richie Farmer (reading from jail, methinks), Rexy Rexy You’re So Sexy, Cameron Mills, and my all time favorite Kentuckian (and should-be belt holder, Kaufman! — The Mighty Travis Ford.  

 And damn near every year….as the season got under way…there was that feeling: Title or bust.  With the exception of the era we won’t mention (I’m talking about you BG — but he can’t read this his visions a little blurry) — every year was a title chance.  

 I certainly never got spoiled with that feeling though, as every year around this time my other team got underway, and from about birth to now (with the exceptions of 1989, 2005, and maybe 2013) there was no “we could win the Super Bowl this year” going on in Bengal-dom.  

 And as I’m poring over training camp reports….analyzing depth charts (because I’m un-healthily obsessed) — I realized something astounding: I’m staring deep into the depth charts.  I mean DEEP. 

We (yes we, if you got a problem take it up with the Kaufmans) are as talented as any team in football.  In the last 3 years we won 9, 10, and 11 games and went to the playoffs each year.  Yeah, we got that hump to get over….but still….look over the NFL and tell me how many teams have gone to the playoffs 3 straight years.  

 Done thinking?  The answer is 2.  Two teams have been to the playoffs for more consecutive years.  New England and Green Bay.  Who both got their asses handed to them last year in the Jungle.  

 So that old feeling?  The one I normally only felt leading up to Big Blue Madness? Yeah, it’s here for me now — in football.  We got a shot this year.  Who knows, right?  Gotta stay healthy, catch some breaks like everyone else.  But as of July, we got as good a shot as anyone.  

 My patience will not last long, though, I assure the readers of Power K.  

 But for today, we have hope….and hope is a good thing….maybe even the best of things…..Until Andy throws up 500 yards worth of sh!t-smelling foulness even I can’t imagine.

 See — told you.